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BBH x Woodtown Eye Pillow Gift Box

BBH x Woodtown Eye Pillow Gift Box

Blue Bridge House x Woodtown Naturally Dyed Gift Box

In collaboration with Woodtown and their beautiful naturally dyed beeswax taper candles!

Bespoke mix of 3 sets of beautiful thin taper beeswax candles (6 candles total) 2 natural, 2 pink and 2 plum (dyed with alkanet root)! 3.5hrs burn time each
Chill-Flax Eye Pillow, removable cover made from naturally dyed traditionally handspun and handwoven organic cotton, with an organic cotton pillow hidden inside containing organic flax seeds and organically grown lavender (lavender in the sunshine stripes only).

Use hot, cold or as is on your eyes / forehead /
stomach etc. for relaxation, meditation or pain relief.
Microwave the inner cushion for a short amount of time (30 sec) until
hot enough or freeze for 45 mins-2 hours.

Flax seeds retain heat for longer and provide the perfect weight for your sensitive eye lids.

Care: Outer pocket can be hand-washed if need be – inner cushion containing the flax seeds not washable.

A gift box 100% made in Dublin by women led small businesses 💕