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Lavender Sachet filled with Organically Grown Lavender

12.50 - 25.00
Lavender Sachet filled with Organically Grown Lavender

Lavender sachets for all your wardrobe, car and cupboard needs! If you're a fan of lavender, these little lavender sachets will diffuse the most relaxing and lovely smell of lavender wherever you leave them.

Made from a mix of fabric scraps from my collections to minimize any fabric waste during production. The lavender is grown organically, free from any pesticides, by a family run lavender farm in the south of France.
The sachets can vary in shape to avoid any fabric waste and contain about 12 to 15g of lavender buds.
Finished professionally with overlocked edges.

The lavender smell is extremely long lasting. Whenever the smell starts to fade over time, mix the inside of the sachet with your hands by gently crushing the lavender flowers which will release the lovely aroma for another while longer!

Handmade in my studio in Dublin 8

*OFFER: buy 2 get the third one for 3!*