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Luxury Lavender Sleep Pillow

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Luxury Lavender Sleep Pillow

***Sale on the last 2 lavender sleep pillows in stock - was €25 now €19***

Luxury Lavender Sleep Pillow

Made from 100% organic cotton, GOTS Certified with a fluffy sherpa side which feels like a dreamy sheepskin but had no sheep involved in the process 🐑 !

Filled with nothing but lavender buds - organically grown from the south of France, free from pesticides and any chemical treatments - rest them on or under your pillow to ease your mind and put you to sleep, take some time to breathe and relax during the day or surround yourself with the calming scent of lavender when doing yoga & meditation.

They can also be used to keep in your wardrobe - there is also a smaller size available with a little loop for hanging to suit all your wardrobe needs.

(The lavender sleep pillow contain about 40g of lavender buds.)

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