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Sourdough Baker’s Gift Set

40.00 - 85.00 On sale
Sourdough Baker’s Gift Set

ON SALE - Set is now €40 instead of €60

The Sourdough Baker’s sets are a collaborative set created between Ryan from Green Grapes, a talented Scottish Woodworker & my own textile studio in Dublin 8.
I am a big fan of sourdough baking and I am over the moon to be able to offer this amazing set.

*** Bread Bags are sold out.***

There are two Baker's sets options for you to choose from:

•Option 1 contains:
- a dough scraper
- a bread lame/knife/grignette to score your dough (the blade can be easily and safely stored inside the wood when not in use)

*** SOLD OUT *** •Option 2 contains the same as option 1 + a moon brush to dust of/spread flour on your dough or counter top

Ryan’s craftsmanship is flawless. Each piece is as unique as the wood it comes from with an incredible smooth finish.

The bread lames, dough scrapers and moon brushes are made from Walnut, Oak and Ash and will be sent according to availability.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS for the dough scrapers:

« As these are made of wood, they are a convenient alternative to plastic spatulas (less plastic!), and metal scrapers which can potentially damage certain surfaces. If looked after well, these will age beautifully over time and bear the character of the owner and its use.
Flour these objects first to keep them happy and pass them down to the next generations of keen bakers. Intermittently, they will benefit from a thorough clean* and oiling with a food-safe oil (such as raw linseed oil or mineral oil).

*Please note: Do not soak in water as this will warp the wood. Clean lightly with cold water (no soap!). As mentioned above, pre-flour your scraper before use, and wipe off with a clean cloth when finished with the day's baking.

Our products are all made by hand, using only sustainable and locally-sourced materials. This is part of our commitment to celebrating the wobbly imperfections of life that make the everyday more beautiful. The sourced material determines the outcome and aesthetic of each piece, making everything we make unique. »