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Multipurpose Linen Wash Cloths

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- Body / Face / Multipurpose Linen Wash Cloths -

• Large wash cloth with softened washed waffle linen/cotton (about 14" - overlocked edge)
• Wash cloth/sponge with 3 layers (about 5.5" x5")

[You can also find larger hand towels from the same collection on the website - as seen on picture 1 beside the linen sponge]


The large wash cloth is great for people looking for a much bigger version of face wipes. It is a large waffle linen and cotton cloth which texture and softness makes it a really lovely item in your self care routine.


The small wash cloth/sponge is made from a layer of softened linen, a layer of softened waffle linen and cotton and an extra layer of toweling fabric sandwiched in between for absorbency. There is also a little hoop made from recycled cotton to hang.
( All fabrics are Oeko Tex Certified and contain no harmful chemicals )
It will become your favourite companion for both your body wash routine !

*** These clothes are multipurpose. They can also be used in your kitchen for cleaning your sink, dishes, countertops and other appliances all over your house ! ***

Entirely made of natural fabrics, there is no releasing of microplastic and no need to worry about them going to landfill after use.

CARE: Wring out any excess water and hang to try. Pop into the washing machine at low temperature when needed. Reuse again and again and again...

Handmade in my studio in Dublin 8

A note about colours : burnt orange and cinnamon are part of the same colour way . Cinnamon has a slightly more vibrant tone while Burnt Orange has a slightly more faded tone.